Seminar/Conference Space - SDSU ITS-AH 1132
Catherine Kwong
Furnishings Specialist
Krisha Moeller
Computer Technologies Specialist (Software & Hardware)
Veronica Perondi
Ergonomics and Room Layout Specialist
Mary Tary Schneider
Acoustics and Lighting Specialist
Ernest Williams
Audio/Visual Technologies Specialist

Adobe Connect Presentation


Located in the Humanities building at San Diego State University campus. The Humanities building consists of 2 separate buildings joined by open-air walkways and a courtyard in the center. The courtyard was refurbished around 2007 when the Arts & Letter Building was completed on the east side of campus. The Instructional Technology Services department uses Room 1132 for daily staff meetings and meetings with external clients. On rare occasion, ITS Student Assistants and other SDSU students use the room, but no classroom instruction takes place in the conference space.

There is a $50,000 budget for remodeling the current space. There are existing elements of the room that need to be included, such as a 70” HDTV display, webcam and existing white board. The room is currently equipped with NRC 55 acoustic ceiling tiles, due to budget constraints; the current tiles will be incorporated into the new design. The room is in the inner part of the building, not allowing for any natural light.

Target Audience
  • Instructional Technology Services Staff at San Diego State University (internal)
  • Clients (external)
  • ITS Student Assistants

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 7.57.59 PM.png
Location on SDSU Campus

Current Room Layout
Conference Room Floor Plan.png
Floor Plan
View 1

View 2

Needs Assessment

Research Q&A with Director of ITS at SDSU

Expressed Needs
IT Staff
  • Comfortable environment for daily meetings
  • Advanced technology to digitally share content (Document Camera)
  • Installed computer for desktop conferencing
  • Wireless device capabilities (Mobile Devices, TV, Sound Sys. ....)
  • Integrated control panel
  • Updated and expanded whiteboard space
  • Recording capabilities, both audio and visual
  • Surface space to share documents
  • Built-in speaker system
  • Multiple accessible power outlets*
  • Integration of available hardware (Large HDTV display, USB camera)
  • Mobile device connections (at tables/Podium or )**
  • Subtle, calming yet bright paint (windowless room)
  • Full spectrum LED lighting system
  • ADA accessible
  • Comfortable environment for collaboration
  • Dual computer interlace (Mac & PC)
  • Document sharing
  • Video and phone conferencing
ITS Student Assistants
  • No essential needs
  • Room seldom used by students without expressed or definable needs
* Apply power outlet resource to the underside of table (easy access for use/not trip hazard(OSHA))
**Types of connections may be problematic due to number/types of mobile connections (Most Common)
If we are decided to replace florescent lighting the LED direct replacement for florescent in the same space are T5 G8 LED, check out You tube for video provides same lumen less draw. Possible outlet increase to undersides of long axises of table or tables.

Supporting Theory

When we asked James about the vision of this room, he replied with a list of active verbs: “Collaborate, brainstorm, plan, discuss, vote, diagram, share, and record”.

He stated that the vision is informed by the Constructivist learning theory.Constructivist learning space emphasizes on human-centered design. As Malcolm Brown stated in his article Trends in Learning Space Design, classrooms are not mere containers, they provide environments for people, the factors such as the availability of food and drink, comfortable chairs, and furniture that support a variety of learning activities are critical elements for humanizing learning spaces. Active learning, interaction, and social engagement are the major elements of current learning space design.

According to the Steel-case Incorporation’s education report, more educators shift to constructivist teaching methods, they are pressing for more flexibility for learning spaces. A flexible arrangement can allow users to reconfigure the layout easily for various activities that might include tables with casters for mobility, the use of WiFi and mobile technology.

Debbi Laidley in her article, The Brain-Based Constructivist Classroom, stated that a constructivist classroom is unlikely to be set up in straight rows, but mostly in groups of desks pushed together, and chairs may be arranged in a circle to support active engagement.
Flexible room arrangement can also encourage communication and collaboration among participants. Although the conference room is not used for instruction, constructivist approaches can still be applied to promote team thinking and inspire creativity.

Design Concepts and Recommendations

Ergonomics and Room Layout

Spacing Requirements:
  • 56” between wall and table
  • Minimum 25” between wall and chair
  • 56” between table and whiteboard
  • When using laptop or keyboard with ipad – leave 30” between back of chair and wall
  • Allow 30” for presenter between white board and table
  • TV and whiteboard viewing, requires 30 to 45 degrees from center of screen/board

Room 18’6” x 13’4”
  • Largest table: 10’L x 4’w
  • Seating capacity: 14

Because the room is for daily meetings between staff, the table is designed to accommodate different needs of the occupants. It can be moved closer together, to have a traditional conference style table, or separated to be used more functionally during a presentation. The tables are on casters, allowing for them to be moved to more desirable locations, again depending on the needs of the occupants. The size of the chairs were selected to allow for free movement without overcrowding. Sightlines were taken into consideration when choosing the table and the location of the whiteboards, TV and drop down projector screen.

SDSU Room Layout


The conference room currently contains the following furniture:
  • 1 conference table approximately 3’ by 8’ in size
  • About 15 plastic and steel frame chairs with cloth upholstery
  • 1 whiteboard approximately 4’ by 6’ in size
  • 1 HDTV display screen approximately 70” in size
  • 1 small cabinet
  • The wall is white
  • The floor is blue carpet

The conference room will be used by SDSU faculty and staff for daily meeting. The space is to support users to collaborate, brainstorm, plan, discuss, vote, diagram, share and record. The college’s vision for this room is based on the Constructivist learning theory.

The selection of furniture for this conference room is based on the following criteria:
  • Support the constructivist learning principle which emphasizes on student engagement and interaction.
  • Provide flexible room arrangement and mobility for different groupings, meetings, and discussions.
  • Allow small groups interaction for blended collaboration and brainstorming
  • Support information immersion and retention of discussion, voting, and diagram.
  • Promote team thinking, and inspire creativity

Product (click on the picture to see details on the web)

Click this link to see details on the website
  • Dimension for each table: 24”x48”
  • Dimension for Transition Table: 24”x48”
  • Wood finish: Folkstone laminate
  • the Transition tops come in Black to provide a nice contrast
  • Dual-sided levers for a quick-flip of the top, a fast and simple transition from work surface to storage
  • Table frames available in black
  • tables nest for compact storage
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Tables can be connected using optional ganging accessory
  • Optional field installed surface power modules and grommets are available

Price: $316.00 (each 24”x48” table)
Total for 4 tables: $1,264
Price: $379.00 (24"x48"-Transition Table-(ENDS):
Instead of a fixed formation, these tables will provide mobility and flexibility for multiple room arrangement. They will also allow small groups interaction for blended collaboration and brainstorming.

Click this link to see details on the website.
Stylish mesh backs with padded fabric seat cushions
• Integrated arms are standard
• Seat cushions flip up allowing compact, nesting storage
• Choice of color: Red, back with standard Black fabric seat cushion and Silver frame
• dual wheel hooded carpet casters

OVERALL SIZE: 21.5"Wx24.5"Dx36"H • CU.FT: 10
SEAT SIZE: 18"Wx17"Dx18.5"H • BACK SIZE: 17.5"H

Price: $310.00 (A CARTON OF (2) CHAIRS
• Shipped Assembled
These chairs match with the tables providing mobility and flexibility. The modern design and color can stimulate creativity.

Since the tables and chairs can be easily stacked up and folded, participants will be able to sit in a circle which will help people think differently and come up with new idea.
White Board - HON SmartLink (tm) Wall Rail System
Click this link to see details on the website
SmartLink Wall Rail System Includes:
•2 SmartLink 144"W Wall Rails
•1 SmartLink 144"W Fixed 1-Sided Whiteboard
•2 SmartLink 48"W Sliding 2-Sided Whiteboards
•2 SmartLink 24"W Sliding 2-Sided Whiteboard/Tack-boards

Price: $2,823.93

The SmartLink Wall Rail System features two mounted rails that hold multi-layered fixed and sliding Learning Boards. The rear track of the rails holds a full-length, one-sided fixed whiteboard; the middle track holds two sliding, reversible whiteboards; and the front track holds two sliding reversible whiteboard/tack-boards. The multi-layered rails allow the Learning Boards to slide behind and front of one another, maximizing writing space. The sliding Learning Boards are easily removable and reversible for versatile function.
This classroom presentation system can support information immersion and retention of discussion, voting, and diagram. It can provide effective means for capturing, evaluating, and sharing ideas in any learning environment.

This classroom presentation system features multi-layered, sliding whiteboards and tackboards on two wall-mounted rails. It becomes a communication center for the meeting room.

This is also a great space saver for a small conference room.
Projection Screen – HDTV Display Screen
Approximately 70" in size
This is currently used in the meeting room. It will support screen sharing and various multimedia/audio presentations.
Wall Color - SW 6819 Minuet White
Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 5.36.20 PM.png

Click this link to see details on the website

Wall Accent Color - SW 6823 Brace Purple
Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 5.37.27 PM.png
Click this link to see details on the website
Color Family: Violets
Color Strip 118
RGB ValueR-235 | G-230 | B-233 Hexadecimal Value#EBE6E9 LRV81

Accent color:
Color Family: Violets
Color Strip 118

RGB ValueR-156 | G-139 | B-185 Hexadecimal Value#9C8BB9 LRV29
Cool color will stimulate creativity. Purple utilizes both red and blue to provide a nice balance between stimulation and serenity that is supposed to encourage creativity. Light purple is said to result in a peaceful surrounding, thus relieving tension.

These could be great colors for a home or business office.
To provide more inspiration, we can have one side of the wall with a darker purple color to stimulate more creativity.
Click this link to see details on the website
Color Group: Blues or Greens

Style: Loop
Color Treatment: Solid
Structure: Tight
Sheen: Low
Blue and green are cool color that is a good combination for the light purple wall. A darker shade of blue or green will still provide a cool feeling but the darker the shade the more grounded the room will feel. The lighter the green color the more open and airy the space will feel.
Mobile Hospitality Cart
Click this link to see details on the website
• Comes standard with two adjustable shelves
• Locking casters provide easy mobility
• Left-side door has two perforated steel storage pockets sized perfectly for 2 liter bottles
•Doors have self-closing hinges, attractive door and standard lock
• Black frame with Anthracite surfaces and shelves

OVERALL SIZE: 45.5"Wx21.75"Dx42.75"H
Price: $528.00
This storage cabinet can provide beverage and snack for long meetings. Showing hospitality can promote comfortable environment for the meeting participants, and in return stimulating collaboration and engagement.
Décor - Mark Rothko Painting
Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 5.43.05 PM.png

Click this link to see details on the website
Sizes varied from 100 x 66cm (39.5 x 26") to 80 x 65cm (31.5 x 25.5")

Prices: $300 each (approx.)
Mark Rothko was an American painter of Russian Jewish descent. He is generally identified as an Abstract Expressionist. With Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning, he is one of the most famous postwar American artists. His bright color painting can give contrast to the room color and inspire more imagination and creativity.
Rolling Security Audio Visual Cart

Click this link to see details on the website
This audio visual cart is made with structurally reinforced, non-conductive ABS plastic to withstand daily office use. AV cart features a convenient 3-outlet power strip with 15 ft. cord to provide at-the-source electricity. Safety push handle includes an integral cord wrap for convenience. Shelves have retaining lips and a textured surface to prevent valuable equipment from sliding. Mobile media cart rolls smoothly with 4" non-marring rubber swivel casters, 2 with brakes. Assemble easily.

Security Cart with Pull-Out Laptop Shelf features a 19-½" W x 16" D retractable shelf that is perfect for use with laptop or notebook computers, and a lockable 16"H steel storage compartment to protect valuables. Cabinet lock includes two keys.

Price: $277.95
This audio cart has safety features that account for the proximity to the public transit.

This cart will contain a laptop that will remain in the room, for guests to use.

Computing Technologies (Hardware & Software)

1) Google Site: You may view the Google Site for the Conference Room here:

  • Utilizes Google to be compatible with most visitors, SDSU faculty/staff, and students.
  • Mobile Friendly (open it up in your browser to see)
  • Can get a custom domain name to "reroute to" this page for easier access.
  • Can get a skinned "instant access" App for even easier and immediate access to the page via mobile devices.
  • Video of the conference can be streamed in real time via Google Hangouts on Air (and YouTube), so individuals can watch the conference in live time from anywhere on campus or at home.
    • Additionally, more than one conference team (worldwide) can join the same Google Hangout for privately-streamed or publicly-streamed interactive video conferencing and collaboration. Google Hangouts currently allows for 8 maximum participants (conference teams) within the same Hangout session, but the number of non-participants who can view the Hangout in live-time is limitless (meaning they can watch and follow-along, but cannot actively participate or control the Hangout session as the 8 main participant teams can).
  • Users can (should the presenter allow it) ask questions to the main presenter from anywhere on campus or at home in real time during the conference via the "chat box" feature, which can then be answered by the presenter via the video feed.
  • Presenter can simply "drop in" Google documents from Google Drive related to the conference (including text documents, presentations, graphs, spreadsheets, etc. -- which can also be converted to Google documents from Microsoft Office documents) for users to access and use to "follow along" during the conference. If the documents are given "editable" access privileges, then they can be used as collaborative documents, meaning that users can both see and collaborate together on the documents from anywhere on campus or at home (great for surveys and text documents).

2) Internet Access: It is currently assumed that the internet connection provided to the conference room will be shared from SDSU’s existing wireless (Wi-Fi) internet connection unless otherwise specified that the conference room should have a separate connection.

3) Labor/Installation: As of this time, it is assumed that SDSU has salaried IT personnel on hand to handle the installation and setup of the hardware and software proposed here, so associated fees for such labor have not been included as part of the budget.

4) Storage/Locked-Up Items: Items that may be stored (locked up) in the mobile, rolling audio visual cart for added security are the Macbook Pro Laptop, the Wireless USB Lapel Microphones, the Logitech Wireless Webcam and Nikon Compact Tripod (Camera Stand), the Elmo TT12 Document Camera, the Apple TV, and the iPad Mini (for use during mirrored presentations and connecting with the conference room's Google site to update documents and answer questions while a conference is in progress).

5) Instantly Accessed Items: Items that will not be stored (locked up) in the mobile, rolling audio visual cart, and will be either "out" for easy access in the room (most typically mounted to a wall) are the EPSON Short Throw Projector (which will be securely locked up in the LP Morgan Security Cage Projector Mount), the flat screen TV, the Belkin Conference Room Power Hubs (4), the Panasonic Corded Phone, and the Logitech Conference Cam* (*note that if desired, this can be made a "storage item" as well).

6) Justifications for Presentation Hardware/Software Flexibility: We recommend purchasing both the EPSON EB-426WI Short Throw Interactive Projector and Apple TV (for Device Mirroring). Both are presentation-oriented hardware, but come with different, specific features, which allow them to be used for unique purposes.

-- a) 1-Way Mirroring vs. 2-Way Interactivity:

---- a.1) 1-Way Mirroring: The Apple TV with AirPlay system allows for easy 1-way device mirroring, which means that the presenter can "project" his screen (a Powerpoint presentation or Photoshop file, for instance) to any other user's device (laptop, tablet, cellphone, etc.) with only a WiFi connection. Users can follow-along and watch the presenter's screen in close-up, real-time as he presents. However, this mirroring technology only permits 1-way presenting, meaning that one user can present his desktop (or device) to other users, but these users in turn cannot edit the file or manipulate the screen being presented (with few exceptions). For instance, all users could view the presenter's manipulations of or changes to the Powerpoint or Photoshop file in real-time as he presents, but they cannot in turn manipulate or edit/change the Powerpoint or Photoshop file themselves (they can only watch). As a result, the Apple TV with AirPlay system is most excellent for presenting and conferencing.


---- a.2) 2-Way Interactivity: Unlike the Apple TV, the EPSON EB-426WI Short Throw Interactive Projector allows for easy 2-way document interactivity. It projects the presenter's screen (such as a Powerpoint or Photoshop file, for instance) against any white-board, like a traditional projector, but with one useful difference: Users can interact with and edit/change the file being projected. This projector comes with two Epson interactive pens, and allows for a maximum of two users to utilize these pens to either manipulate or "draw" on the projected file. Their edits on the projected file are in turn picked up by the Epson projector, and the original file being projected then reflects these changes or edits. The edits that users make to the file can then be saved and shared with them for future reference. However, while it offers 2-way interactivity, the Epson projector only allows projection onto one large surface and not onto a number of other devices. As a result, the Epson Interactive Projector system is most excellent for collaboration and interactive training.


-- b) Backup & Choice Flexibility: It is worthy to note that the Apple TV with AirPlay system provides excellent (i.e. user-friendly, highly compatible, and fluid/smooth) device mirroring capabilities, but does rely on a WiFi (or WiFi LAN) connection in order to function. Should there be a day when the SDSU WiFi system is overloaded or down, this technology could not be utilized. Since it is not a highly uncommon occurrence, on a busy college campus like SDSU, to have certain days when the networks might be overloaded or down for various reasons, we recommend the Epson projector to provide an easy-to-use projection system to fall back on during these times. Since our proposal currently utilizes less than 50% of our maximum budget (even with the purchase of the optional items), and since the Epson Interactive Projector comes with useful 2-way interactivity (collaboration) features not offered by any of the other technology in the space, we firmly believe it would hence be fully justified to purchase both the Apple TV with AirPlay for device mirroring (for presenting) and the Epson Interactive Projector (for collaborating) for this space.

Product / URL
About / Specs
Macbook Pro Laptop - 13”


(OS X Mavericks)

  • Hardware
  • Laptop Computer
  • Company: Apple
  • 13 inch screen
  • 2.5 GHZ Dual Processor
  • Comes with OS X Mavericks (Free!)
  • 7 Hour Battery
  • 4 GB Memory
external image ptWJw5HYQuJc-ODidnbkN9XphMrUP-4G7tCFe_sruDP9ztpLf3dtrnT0_vYIoMM2VHi7wIFe1j0aXHWle3GA3nC_1jjO-9h4KyItKSEwwoeptHapefjiBXebHL5ibw

(OS X Mavericks is Free with Laptop)
Wireless USB Lapel Microphone

  • Hardware
  • Wireless Microphone
  • Company: Audio Technica
  • Attaches discretely to the presenter via a lapel clip.
  • Connects to any computer via a USB port.
external image Q6LHpEozCOmPWcAn-Z96U55yntdDldL0OO3Bi0xc8batA_6xshulKTwN8WDxJLZTggGaMiA_xj4On0YLLqvDkvx0ifY6-9XuUELQid0eKJ8q99aa6kOz0V2qPk5uJQ*
Logitech Wireless Webcam


Nikon Compact Tripod (Camera Stand)

  • Hardware
  • Wireless Webcam
  • Company: Logitech
  • Mac Compatible
  • Tripod Mount Compatible
  • Rechargeable (no Batteries)

  • Hardware
  • Tripod Camera Stand
  • Company: Nikon
  • Compatible with Logitech Wireless Webcam
  • “Telescope” legs / Collapsible for easy storage and various height adjustment (can be put on the floor or on a table).
  • Pan and tilt functions to center on action.
external image 0vszJSX6XiNtv11XXvX541-mZ3hIeiHXYC82T3d8LGlb7tnM6BOGEv-QOx2Ybx-61nsq39FJ7GO5CqHf_tLuXhGAb9INzOuiRZ_dFPJ6JPQYfwRL59TtD9oDE1tpBA*
external image vA-f4EHqkQTr5lc2EjVJ0z6QbFwnZEm4qsQJggMeHt72_gNkNAEMUkmNcvv4XQoDavWvWSk7eaPu2Bi1eLyFTGqRqjY3S357LdlvUCQZ0txoW6oRI2lNfxh5DYFF7w
$200 for Logitech Wireless Webcam

$40 for Nikon Camera Stand
Logitech Conference Cam

  • Hardware
  • Conference Cam with Calling Function
  • Company: Logitech
  • Mac and PC Compatible
  • Extendable Camera with Rotating/Panning Functions
  • USB Installation
  • Remote Controlled
  • Conference Calling / Speaker Phone
external image CmntvbiNyXmU0wVmAvaCNW_Ec9sbnpq3_pJdlnor_gQF22PQlNh1tKRm6wzLkkbOZBtoYcsn7gFTbrHQVknJSIj4j0b3pswGtFWQFbLDMjrCLEQWBi8gGBMO7pbPdw*external image weDqZzfOc5_moo79lYdh3zWZTpjTN7L7sjkDBjpsUwUdkGkgQ1iQ3AMJ2uBZ0ADYFuTL7BCruMhcSfmJkShhc4PlxXQBsJyE2fPYwHNRdik7yVcUUZnzkzJPzPUDkw
Shared Google+ Account
(w/ Youtube)


> Google Sites
> Google Drive
> Google Hangouts on Air
(via Youtube)





  • Software
  • Shared Google+ account and email for presenters.
  • Company: Google
  • Google Site (with a mobile device friendly design) created just for the conference room.
  • Shared Google Drive account for presenters and conference members to access.
  • Google Hangouts on Air automatically stream to a Youtube account where they are recorded to preserve and view for later.
  • Presenters can easily embed the Youtube channel (streaming video) for the Hangouts on Air on the conference room’s Google Site so anyone accessing the site (or mobile site) from anywhere on campus (or at home) can watch the conference (and the “going ons” in the conference room) as it takes place.
  • Presenters can easily drop in Google Drive documents (presentations, text documents, spreadsheets, etc.) right onto the Google Site to immediately share access (including public viewing and/or collaborative editing privileges) with individuals in the conference room, and with individuals anywhere on campus (or at home) who are watching the conference from the Google Site on their mobile devices via the embedded Google Hangouts on Air channel.
  • If a user downloads the Google Drive cloud folder to their computer, or the Google Drive cloud app to their mobile device, they can also gain access to the shared documents from the conference here as well.
  • Since most SDSU staff use gmail, they can all easily and instantly be invited to watch conferences as they stream live via Google Hangouts on Air, and they can easily gain access to shared documents related to the presentation that have been dropped onto the conference room’s Google Site.
external image hVgRv8ZeAjRtFMUkWlHvXUdgOcuFSwpX4eLtzn4jbXfn7SyLBVda3obtdd4YtS_6PBvtKCbB1eGguQy599D9Jc9YoLdwgdii34XA9uEAd87OkQHvgTL680eRle9hfQ*external image VdxL9y88kin3WFxQXfUmhYgehYabY_WWFiXnm_NuDAXOJOhsoBFn_gogDoHBXRpbT1RjxPzEjsmr2HlLDZR5DgZEPOP7KD7QlgV5gzEYnhioNnxcz8F6at031c6vQAexternal image xQ3iQGOlHgJfaYSTw2jWV4MziN3_aQKrqpzqhxK0Ua4aa1GVWe65KAqjicGv4-VYbRT675rRL-61fKhQ87FalomNyvbLwJjB9kzRwk1tdD1MVaviKKPw7wDZiB6kPw
external image 3A9tDutmTMUTQKmzAIunmLAIiKm_YaXvWGHumoU1RiS_mAiB0S-WDi1LDCAeqftvvsuKbIz9SUBgLRUcpMbEv6Z5-Wc_SFlx9D0GFlaBe8uVSpxLAJNkATiBwuErxwexternal image oJQVf-ebLU7pQQjQbRx9YLw-CGm52ymoDpVQuXTYzxsES0edxprEMV9IcgWpzQeludwn-W6kEjO-Vhnd6BRXuyxORmNOzQtvRSa9R0Skwc0N4LReuzuK3tKxYhAoegexternal image CBYZEsJ-IZ2v1YtVBKChbQ_hA54iLQxtfZIcuSsUwz1u_wead_4CTOe1CeKPy0qNViVuwBjLTSuCr7KehV1o8VD5pA5twsAdB7EuvooRwTyz-oJ1sjoHOkvG5jwHHwexternal image pzynmlxOFHHqTMw2jVsS4dGo4W1pDXPO0WoIIPOgmAHGofk5I7p9O-ibMlY8CjeTX9_QCBRmqaX4MWYSu_R6lfDw2_oq06GI9sM1QkHSSX3svu3UItjIjk3uCOHJqgexternal image 8d-YeXgGzaI-1Jh1FlgPwXeoRa4Ly1lnJ7dLN8VSqRRzCVeIHF0_j1uA0uhBbwNwSdoS4PUQ8ei-VZr4r5ocmfqT_7lWvuZ4T8N1yjOK_e6gCAIYKTRGDgHm4kweWwexternal image GUdz3EQ3ueN8FtuOPhPGaSEW6xACH8ohB8b1L-OVvsjdUjNp0vjAnxevXmnAdql36XiBiIMCaoyl91tHq32V8fSkxpCgZ-BFBTyWHOBC784yyiqvhe4RtwFIhPqnxg
Conference Room Custom App

  • Software
  • Custom “Skinned” App for the Conference Room
  • Company: TheAppBuilder
  • Apple Store and Android Store Compatible
  • App allows users to instantly connect to a mobile friendly version of the Google Site for the conference room from anywhere on campus (or at home) where they can gain access to the streaming (live) video feeds and shared Google Drive documents.
external image _KocLX5NYUPlJWLygtke1SOHcgof42pFMjE7OSUUr2OO-SDeDSm32oi-obzbzvFodmCxfC5CmMYRWBGmINCmSHHAjbh-L0s_fSI82WqB_0Dv48iUXqkvflanBFfAiQ*
external image XsGhsHt2-jpPQRigroBZLjhvQEHzrLEYxLtAG_BYDY8IOU_AgoS0B1UUb68IR_jG37MSzXt_4XqmIYdze6ZbCnPsElbEKsv2vrtwdL5QXIv2RczYJPHT_380639VhQ
external image T9jjR4sKIC4cDuGThii78hGAigvlZXm5aoEkTCjfMxjVbpX5qlwJScPX0i5anqpQy3SDjPKRO9NcBUBM8bUgjpppeK2Uz6OCF2Jg3Q_fKmmfex-7JunOpbpyEIVvgg
Cost of Custom App Development TBD

$99 / year for hosting app on Apple Store

$99 / year for hosting app on Google Play

$299 / year for hosting app on Android Market
*Interactive IDEA Cart
(Mobile SmartBoard)


*NOTE: This item is OPTIONAL. Only to be purchased and installed if additional mobility in the room is desired (for added freedom to move furniture around).
  • Hardware
  • Smart Board (Interactive White Board)
  • Company: DA-LITE
  • 90” Diagonal
  • Mobile (on wheels)
external image FNQc4WfkbRr0qzplL94lBSEmGAyXGhytXULjFtMiE7qhwHY0ElN7-fD6DS3j1ilL4dQV_SvO23TsLpTTS0kk9RC2QVXEkoTV7xy2Px_5CP-9UDVm3bk0Fc5lll5vsw*

EPSON EB-426WI Short Throw
Interactive Projector

  • Hardware
  • Short Throw Interactive Projector
  • Company: EPSON
  • Compatible with Interactive Smart Boards/White Boards
  • Mac Compatible (with Downloaded Driver)
  • Wireless Audio Transmission
  • Integration with Numerous Tools/Software
  • Speakers
  • EasyMP Network Projection and Monitor (for controlling numerous projectors, if desired)
  • USB Compatible
  • iProjection (project/connect from smart devices)
  • Remote?
external image O86-XoGE1IABKz-FrcjaxY6Dfr4dVDhKCUN4UiboKg49Xdh_0cjQnZiDMWlvkXPjnDM8gsVp5wQ3d3Evo1dGqLY4Tm6E_1BH3xzX9uYW57dQRY6upMz07O7eD6-xag*
LP Morgan Security Cage Projector Ceiling Mount

  • Hardware
  • Wall Mount for Short Throw Projector
  • Company: LP Morgan
  • Can tilt and pan the projector while it is in the cage (for mobile projector boards or different projector walls); no need to remove the projector fro the cage.
  • Holds up to 22kg
  • Compatible with nearly all short throw projectors
  • Very secure! Can lock up the projector for added security in shared room. (Lock for Cage Not In Included).
  • Can easily move and provide tech support on the projector while it is in the cage (no need to remove it).
external image _xLF923i2O9iaSipEFLVFUH_Sk6ac3zxolyEO6uZmpjnCp-jawvakJhhE06gmr739nZ9d1EF79I5o42JoMidpu5jK0GdSWHNVvwa6_JM5SGU9oZ3lZ_kMcJ4Qu3pYg

(Lock for Cage not Included)
Elmo TT-12 Document Camera

  • Hardware
  • Document Camera
  • Company: Elmo
  • Projection and Video Capture Functions
  • Mac and PC Compatible
  • Projector Compatible
  • Magnifies up to 96x
  • Split Screen Projections
  • Save to Computer or USB
  • Comes with Remote Control & Tablet
external image y7MBMzs_bTNVZ2Jlb2dgBat995DAIuq6eebxFc9jrtjU0iXeQgqqtGSmMyeQApK-6ZnnbojBSMjqzOr9mOoDdkNgsCUI5rL9A6jqooZDUkU3va3GcIYROVMKtStrcQ*
*Samsung Smart TV


*NOTE: This item is OPTIONAL. Only to be purchased and installed IF the current television in the room is not compatible with newer technologies.
  • Hardware
  • Smart Television
  • Company: Samsung
  • Mac Compatible with Apple TV
  • 51” Diagonal
  • Streams videos, games, and other media from computer and other devices (requires Apple TV for Mac compatibility)
  • Full Web Browser
  • Voice Control
  • Gesture Control
external image O3Sb7-ZbUwmLUCj1NJi2TlypDQGYKlacWFvt3Uih_iKV9fN1zGNcojpNSk7TpIf1wIIo7H8rCmvAUFsjay8p_YJ6aO1UVjquUqScFsPi6yJ_EYf_Ii99_fq-7PQp6Q*

Apple TV (with AirPlay Mirroring Technology)

  • Hardware
  • Company: Apple
  • Streams videos, games, and other media to televisions (will work with Samsung Smart TV).
  • Mirroring Capabilities via AirPlay: Can screen share (and send media and documents) to other mobile devices in the room in live time (for conference and meeting presentations).
  • Compatible with both Mac and PC devices.
  • Can use to turn a mobile device (iOS) into an advanced controller for presentations (see IPad Mini).*
external image ETmRDcFRa6OObP5KHAbrNZK2inecDcf1J_hAwcxp-AH7PmXmUMW3ars3TPhKyMqfSFvbgcJzka2lHWkIqX0zDMCfqX1rRVbHa22LhBdry0fNTWE8Yd4vS7PAv037kA*
iPad Mini

  • Hardware
  • Smart Tablet
  • Company: Apple
  • 7.9 Inch Display
  • Compatible with Apps from Apple’s App Store
  • *Will be used as an advanced controller for live presentations in conferences/meetings via Apple TV’s AirPlay mirroring technology.
  • To be borrowed (i.e. checked out) by the presenter should he or she not have a smart device / mobile device with which to connect to and control Apple TV AirPlay presentations.
external image wXl9OY4p6M7rjKdMheSeZ2JexIg-fJdLJvClGmx2nYuGj9zMAoyARdjIz2fr8KGW9Yk7T2JHv8n2HOGwafS-gyGFeu789LNM6nyUt0_2RObEbbUCwWcSMCFNE_5Aeg*
Microsoft Office 365 Small Business
or Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013


  • Software
  • Contains Word (Text Editing), Powerpoint (Presentations), Excel (Spreadsheets), and OneNote (Markup / Drawing) Software
  • Company: Microsoft
  • Compatible with Mac and PC (must specify Mac version when ordering)
  • Microsoft Office 365 Small Business includes cloud storage, which means documents can be stored, worked on, and updates from any device (or numerous devices) from numerous individuals. This is an excellent feature for collaboration among conference/meeting members or among presenters/staff.
  • Microsoft 365 Small Business also includes software version updates.
  • Microsoft 365 Small Business works on both desktop programs and on the internet (via online programs).
  • Microsoft 365 Small Business charges a yearly fee of $60, whereas Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 charges a one time fee of $140, but does not include cloud technology or come with software version updates.
external image hCd7lbI8RRwUz4UNUjwbXbRxoDSJ7-oeL8QIoX1jSp8y4kpdCH_hhqy79AA0P3qOdKIcl7TX6yMaiFCnHbgcQLjFt6iIYS5m-AecFspsXQAnDNmxFJ2a0-ojrLyeDA*
external image FrqH5acAOZqGgWSXlVZpDg007Ub1Z8qcemogvEYNFqW-HNUnILRcTC1Qd-bsmiYcRuIV-QqXAJIEUMUtpUJ_9EG3kUZC64t724IdH2tbHjAVNicw5rrp_nVHIyc5yQ
*$60 / year for Microsoft Office 365 Small Business (if cloud technology and yearly software updates are desired)

$140 / one time fee for Microsoft Office 2013 Home & Student (if cloud technology and software updates are not desired)


Note: If SDSU already has this software available under contract, then this will not be required.
Adobe Creative Suite 6 Web Premium
or Adobe Creative Cloud


  • Software
  • Contains Photoshop (Image Editing), Illustrator (Vector Editing), InDesign (Layout), Flash (Animation), Fireworks (Web Applications), Dreamweaver (Website Design), and Acrobat/Bridge (File Management, Conversion, & Development) Software.
  • Company: Adobe
  • Compatible with Mac and PC (must specify Mac version when ordering)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud provides access to all the programs above, plus additional programs, like Prelude, Adobe Audition, SpeedGrade, After Effects, and Premier Pro.
  • Can be used when collaborative conferences/meetings (or classes) require greater media-editing capabilities.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud includes cloud storage, which means documents can be stored, worked on, and updates from any device (or numerous devices) from numerous individuals. This is an excellent feature for collaboration among conference/meeting members or among presenters/staff.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud also includes software version updates.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud works on both desktop programs and on the internet (via online programs).
  • Adobe Creative Cloud charges a monthly fee of $20, whereas Adobe Creative Suite 6 Web Premium charges a one time fee of $575, but does not include cloud technology or come with software version updates.
external image zJ9j1hYAvpN2GaEAriWEY8Emx1GGvNypGLp3iBDpX2N_CCh5D8o127dtuNrV1AO9ZFbHp0gyzpH-5fOgSa33DmKBaDFBWnpgcG5BLTsuzN5nIBYlZasew4IvOlpMvg*
external image NR_Iml0zk26vOs3OOsNUCrKcfoj9ehkaYOBT_Co2ug3x4BFJfWbo6Gdd94sAzhqeaQVf1A34UxGb-aYzKFB0phvqitZoEAbJQ_iFCz-yt-Gf__fR8-TlpHzlnrIJxA
*$575 for Students and Teachers (Academic Pricing) / one time fee for Adobe Creative Suite 6 Web Premium (if cloud technology and software updates are not desired)

$20 for Students and Teachers (Academic Pricing) / month for Adobe Creative Cloud (if cloud technology and yearly software updates are desired)


Note: If SDSU already has this software available under contract, then this will not be required.
Belkin Conference Room Power Hub

  • Hardware
  • Power Hub Charging Station for Conference/Meeting Rooms
  • Company: Belkin
  • 4 Power Outlets & 4 USB Outlets for various devices (charging).
  • Will likely require 3 in total for the conference room.
external image Hq7pc1oaWWovbfplXTsUOuMjbUmm0zyfF7rhFkhZS2zdky97l4XpCCxzU4iu2NcUKWSwRr9s779NA1MADEz--ukhvt9PQswz4-eqCv0bzP3MQfZzt7g3J7Ot-Wd_tQ*

(x3 = $300 for 3 hubs in total)
Panasonic KX TS4300B Corded Phone (Black)

  • Hardware
  • Office Telephone
  • Company: Panasonic
  • Corded (to prevent loss of phone)
  • Wall-Mountable (or can be used on desk)
  • Color: Black
  • 4-Line Operation
  • Caller ID
  • Speakerphone
  • Call Waiting
  • Answering Machine
  • Conference Calling
  • Intercom
external image wX58TJkEaD_Hb8hIiEREovLU2Dw7Ka1EWXQAN7wuUIbuAsioH1wmZWFNmsBxcMZTx-JtR3AUjDqWx_93uXZgT-IGZfr9ASxk549gZnNZobKc2dQtk7hYl9Y5YLnvaA*

Audio/Visual Technologies Notes:

- (ALT Device) Standard Electrical Plugins: Mount under tables, All Users Bring There Own Devises (BTOD) to meetings and conferences all have limited battery life. Users will need easy plug-ins SEE(*) This power source can be brought to the table the same way the power for the "Control Panel" for conferencing and room devices
- Sony - VPL-FHZ55 Projector-Optimal Projector for conference, clarity of graphic, images, pictures, representations.
- If Google Site becomes non workable: Crestron/Cisco Sys "Smart Space" HD Video Conferencing - Rev. by AV Network Staff On February 24, 2014
According to literature: It’s scalable to maximize AV and communication technologies for conference, training, and other meeting requirement to be held in the space.
- Separate Audio System: Not Required with Conferencing System
- Separate Control Devices Not Required Conferencing Panel Universal:

Acoustics & Lighting

Based on the needs assessment with the Director of ITS, it was determined the current acoustics are acceptable.

Lighting Plan – LED Luminaires and Infusion Lights
Conference Room - 23 sq meters
Lux (light amount per sq meter)
Lux requirements for small conference room = 500 Lux
3 2'x4' Troffers meet the lux requirements



2 ‘ x 4

Design Plan – 3 LED Luminaires spaced evenly in center of room.
Manufacture: Lithonia Lighting

3 - 2 ft x 4 ft. White LED Toffers

Thin 3.5” profile
Uniform light distribution across the face of the luminaire. Evenly fills the
T-grid space
Appears frameless

Easily installs into T-grid drop ceilings
Long life (L70 @ 50,000 hours)

Color temperatures: 3500K & 4000K
Efficacy up to 97 Lumens Per Watt
5 year limited warranty
Directional Lighting for TV & Whiteboards
Design Plan – 8 Module lights – placed in front of the whiteboards (3 lights) and the TV / Pull down screen (2 lights).
Manufacture: Lithonia
4' P Series LED Modules

Energy star qualified for efficiency and quality construction.
A frosted white diffuser reduces glare and keeps moisture away from the electronic components.
Integrated LEDs provide quality white light (3000K) output similar to a 65 watt incandescent bulb while only using 10.6 watt of energy.
Dimmable down to 10% using most standard incandescent dimmer switches.
$35 x 8
Directional Lighting for Artwork

Lithonia Gavel Track Lighting.jpg
Design Plan – one light positioned in front of each piece of art.
Manufacture: Lithonia
Gavel Track Lighting
$65 x 2
Lighting Management System
Manufacture: Lutron

LCP 128 is an easily configured lighting management system that offers automated
presets and simple end-user control of all dimming and switching.
Panel $1,600

LCP128 Panel.jpg


Before design began on the ITS-HA 1132 space, questions were posed to the Director of ITS at SDSU. Guided by his responses, the above recommendations were proposed.

To assess to the response to the renovated conference space, upon completion, an assessment will be performed to address whether or not the renovated room meets the needs of the department. A mixed methods approach will be utilized with two instruments, which allows for a more complete picture of the results. First, a qualitative analysis will be done on the response of the Director of ITS. He will be interviewed with questions designed to address whether or not the goals had been met. Secondly, a survey will be sent out to all ITS staff who use the room. The questions will be on a 4-point Likert-scale resulting in quantitative data. The questions, again addressing whether or not the goals had been met, will be measured with scores ranging from 1-4. 1: being no, the goals had not been met, 2: goals were attempted, 3: goals were approached and 4:goals were meet exceedingly. The survey will be distributed using Qualtrics, which analyzes the quantitative data and provides the percentages to which each question was answered.

The results of both the qualitative and quantitative data will be analyzed to provide the final assessment results. Depending on the results of the assessment, modifications will be made to the room, budget permitting.

Goals of the redesign:
  • Incorporate existing technology
  • Increase computer/mobile device connections
  • Technology needs updated (document camera, USC camera, installed speakers, wireless device capabilities)
  • Main technology control system
  • Increased whiteboard space
  • Full spectrum LED lighting
  • Flexibility


Flexibility. Innovation. Human-Centered. Those are the key concepts we focused on when designing the conference space. Guided by the constructivist theory, the design is meant to adapt to the needs to the humans who will be using it. It’s as flexible as possible with the furniture, it has flexible lighting, flexible technology. Flexibility is optimal. The redesigned room can better serve ITS accomplish it’s mission through collaboration and innovation and allow ITS to better serve the university, students, and the community.

Total Budget
$6,666 (with optional items $11,765)
Depending on SDSU Physical Plant involvement and outside contractors
Depending on SDSU Physical Plant involvement and outside contractors

Conference Space PowerPoint Presentation


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