Appendix A

Needs Assessment Surveys

In response to a request for proposal to redesign Faculty Room AH-1109, our team conducted a needs assessment. First, we visited the room. Then, after reviewing all extent and relevant data online, including readings and interview with ITS Director, we conducted interviews.

On April 18, 2007, we interviewed the room’s subject matter experts: Associate Director Jim Julius (JJ), BATS Staff Information Technology Consultant Ron Drake (RD) and Faculty Room Consultant Jim Edwards (JE), via the telephone.

Faulty Room Interview Findings


In 1984, the Faculty Room opened. Previously, the room was an all purpose audio/visual equipment repair shop. In its conception, the faculty room had one Apple II computer, one IBM computer and one scantron machine. The equipment has improved over the years. However, the layout and most furniture have stayed the same.

Interview responses have been outlined as follows:

A. Three main processes
B. Usage recording process
C. Winter Break’s data explained
D. Favorable Aspects
Community, Instructional Technology, Service, Technological Equipment and Furniture/ Design Layout issues
C. Undesirable Aspects
Community, Instructional Technology, Service, Technological Equipment and Furniture/ Design Layout issues
E. Redesign Ideas
Community, Instructional Technology, Service, Technological Equipment and Furniture/ Design Layout issues


A. What I found is that the faculty room has three main processes, according to Jim Edwards, which are:

  1. Giving specialized assistance to faculty
    1. Such as faculty room equipment assistance
  2. Fixing damaged equipment
    1. Such as: damaged disks, corrupted files, and in the past, broken computers
  3. One-on-one training
    1. Such as: graphing in Excel, mail merge, and those faculty that do not respond well to job aids

B. Faculty room’s usage recording process by a check-out (not check-in): (RD)

  • Each faculty member gets $75 worth of supplies:
    • For printing, transparencies, posters, etc.
    • No charge for service
  • On the way out, faculty are supposed to check-out with an access database
    • Each faculty member is responsible for checking the boxes of supplies and services used.
    • This is how the $75 is tracked
      • However, some faculty members do not sign out and/or check the right boxes.
  • That is why RD likes to sit by the door; he reminds faculty to sign out and account for their usage

C. Winter Break’s data explained:
o The faculty room’s winter usage data was from the break time, like December 29th to January 15th. (JE)

D. What do you like about the faculty room, now? (Favorable Aspects)
· Community:
o Place for faculty to gather and learn technical expertise (JJ)
· Instructional Technology:
o It is a self-service lab facility, not a learning facility (RD)
§ Except for those that have questions and special needs (RD)
§ Job aids on most equipment (RD)
· Service:
o Room is equipped with two consultants to help RD and JE (RD)
· Technological Equipment:
o Test scoring equipment is used the most (RD)
o The computers (JE)
o Round table area where faculty can talk (JE)
o It has equipment that wouldn’t be found in individual departments (JE)
§ Such as, colored printer and slide scantron (?) (JE)
o JE personally uses the printer and scanners the most (JE)
  • Furniture/ Design layout:
    • Round table area where faculty can talk (JE)

E. What do you dislike about the faculty room, now? (Undesirable Aspects)
  • Community:
    • Room is dated (JJ)
    • Room was put together when they did not know a lot about technology, 1984 (JJ)
    • Not friendly (JJ)
    • No food allowed (JJ)
    • Faculty guidelines are on the front door in small writing where most faculty do not read (RD)
  • Instructional Technology:
    • No instructional technology, only technological assistance (JJ)
      • JE says that the faculty room’s instructional technology gives users what they need.
  • Service: no comment
  • Technological Equipment: no comment
  • Furniture/ Design layout:
    • The fact that users can be easily distracted because of the close spacing of the equipment (RD)
    • Get rid of built in cabinets (JE)

F. Suggestions for faculty room improvements? (Redesign Ideas)
  • Community:
    • Areas for discussion, on topics like, course assessment, not just pure technology (JJ)
    • Users find comfortable workplace (JJ)
    • Nice if faculty saw room for more than scantrons (JJ)
  • Instructional Technology:
    • Technology related to research and collaboration (JJ)
    • Poster board job aids in faculty room to inform faculty of what they should know (RD)
  • Service:
    • Rotation of variety helpers (JJ)
  • Technological Equipment
    • Overall, no need for improved technology in their opinion:
      • Equipment up to speed, except poster maker is low quality but no one really uses it (RD)
      • Test scanners are new (RD)
      • Technology does not need to be updated; what we have gets used (JE)
  • Furniture/ Design layout
    • Need new lighting (JJ) Reduce glare of florescent lights (RD)
    • Consultants would be happy to have an office elsewhere (JJ)
    • Would like an office outside of the room (JE)
    • Need an area for privacy, consultants RD and JE are easily distracted by calls and questions (RD)
      • For example, RD is working on BATS training on Office 2007 (RD)
    • More desk space for users to place their notebooks, etc. (RD)
    • Replace built in cabinets with tables and storage (JE)

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