Team 4 : Computer Lab

Roberto Bonilla
Tedd Brent
Richard Dysinger
Kelly Granfield
Nicholas Ingrande
Robert Sevilla

Here is our working area @

  • Background
  • Brief description of your needs assessment (i.e., who you talked to, extant data you reviewed, what you found, etc.)
  • Design concept and recommendations (description of how the space is organized and a vision of how it would be used; a list of equipment, seating, surfaces, fixtures, and other elements)
  • A rough floor plan indicating proposed locations for hardware and seating.
    • NOTE: The idea here is on the concept. Do not spend a lot of time with meticulous floor plans and blueprints. For instance, you could scan a hand drawn “bubble” sketch, or use a program such as Inspiration, PowerPoint, Visio, etc. to create your floor plan.

  • Design rationale, including references to literature and design principles.
  • A rough description of how you plan to assess the effectiveness of the space.
  • A link to your accompanying electronic presentation “pitch.”