Team 2: Transitional spaces

Heidi Beezely, Martin Jimenez, Amy Rauen, and Ken Callaway

Executive Summary
In the Summer of 2009, our design team set out to transform a newly designed transitional space at Sweetwater Union High School (SUHI). This document details our efforts to redesign the entry way to the school and describes how we would make it more functional, inviting, and representative of the rich history of SUHI.

Our design proposal wiki is located at: http://transitionalspace.wikispaces.com

In that wiki you will find:
  • Images from the original design
  • Background about SUHI and the need to remodel the existing facility
  • A brief needs assessment that outlines the expectations and requirements of the space
  • A design concept that explains our redesign plans
  • A rough floor plan of our design
  • The rationale for the design
  • How we would gauge the effectiveness of the design
  • Our pitch